Town Bylaws 

Town Council passes bylaws which are put into place to meet the needs of residents, determine provisions and resolve issues. Matters include public safety and standards, public life, financial provisions and Town services.

Municipalities are given the authority to enact bylaws through the Municipal Government Act.

Looking for proposed bylaws? Visit the Proposed Bylaws Page. 

Have questions about a bylaw? Contact the Municipal Clerk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (902) 634-4410 x 240.

Public Life, Community & Environment Bylaws 

pdf A Bylaw to Prohibit the Feeding of Wildlife in the Town of Lunenburg (124 KB) Prohibits the public from feeding wildlife within Town. 
pdf Dog Bylaw (209 KB) Regulates the Town’s dog licensing process and regulations for proper pet conduct.
pdf Domestic and Wild Animals and Exotic Pets Bylaw (80 KB) Prohibits the ownership of certain animals as pets.
pdf Hack and Trolley Bylaw (1.64 MB) Establishes the process for obtaining a hack and trolley licence from the Town.
pdf Noise Bylaw (121 KB) Establishes prohibited noise activities and a process to request an exemption.
pdf Parking Meter Bylaw (538 KB) Establishes parking meter regulations and enforcement.
pdf Public Places Bylaw (244 KB) Designates and regulates public spaces and outlines a process for special events.
pdf Skateboarding Bylaw (32 KB) Prohibits skateboarding on any sidewalk in Town.
pdf Taxi Bylaw (159 KB) Establishes licensing, regulating and governing of taxicab owners and taxicab drivers.
pdf Vending Bylaw (73 KB) Regulates vending on Town-owned property.

Administrative and Finance Bylaws

pdf Alternative Voting Bylaw (243 KB) Establishes alternative voting processes, such as electronic and telephone voting for municipal elections.
pdf Chief Administrative Officer Bylaw (163 KB) Establishes the position and confirms the administrative powers of the CAO.
pdf Deed Transfer Tax Bylaw (77 KB) Sets the Town’s Deed Transfer Tax rates.
pdf Tax Exemption Bylaw (145 KB) Exempts certain charitable organizations from paying property tax.

Public Infrastructure and Services Bylaws 

pdf Annual Sewer Charges (198 KB) Sets the annual sewer charge for users of the Town’s sewer system.
pdf Management of the Lunenburg Cemetery Bylaw (45 KB) Provides regulations for managing the Hillcrest Cemetery, including the sale of lots, memorials and foundations, and interment procedures.
pdf Curb and Sidewalk Charges Bylaw (498 KB) Establishes charges associated with installing curbs, gutters or sidewalks.
pdf Drains Bylaw (68 KB) Regulates possible drain connections within Town.
pdf Sewer Discharge Bylaw (160 KB) Prohibits the discharge of numerous items into Town sewers and outlines the process for sampling, spills, and reporting.
pdf The Care of Streets Bylaw (231 KB) Regulates the use and care of roads and sidewalks.
pdf Solid Waste Management Bylaw (655 KB) Regulates and establishes processes for separating, storing, and collecting solid waste.

Public Safety Bylaws 

pdf Burning Bylaw (127 KB) Establishes regulations for Burning Permits, which allow for burning brush, grass, fields, etc.
pdf Prevention of Fire Bylaw (49 KB) Establishes regulations for preventing fires in buildings.
pdf Regional Emergency Management Bylaw (2.45 MB) Establishes roles and processes for a coordinated response to emergencies.

Land-Use Planning, Development & Heritage Bylaws

pdf Building Bylaw (8.45 MB) Establishes regulations for building permits, permit fees, and inspections.
pdf Civic Addressing Bylaw (69 KB) Procedures for numbering and renumbering civic addresses.
pdf Heritage Conservation District Plan and By-law (4.89 MB) Regulates the appearance of the outside of buildings in the HCD. 
pdf Heritage Property Bylaw (119 KB) Outlines the duties of HAC and establishes processes for registering properties as a Town Heritage Property.
pdf Land Use Bylaw (11.63 MB) Regulates the use of land, buildings, and structures.
pdf Mobile Home Park Bylaw (342 KB) Regulates the establishment of mobile home parks, including street design, streetlights, water supply systems, etc.
pdf Subdivision Bylaw (896 KB) Regulates how land can be subdivided to create new lots.
pdf Subdivision Specifications  (1.66 MB) This is not a bylaw, but is intended to assist the applicant for subdivision approval in preparing a submission for the approval of municipal services in conjunction with the Subdivision By-Law.
pdf Street Encroachment Bylaw (377 KB) Establishes regulations and processes for the Town to enter into a street encroachment licence agreement with abutting property owners. This includes street encroachments for sidewalk cafes, street furniture and landscaping features.

Single Purpose bylaws

These bylaws were passed for one specific action and serve no other purpose.

pdf Bylaw to Repeal Certain Bylaws (123 KB) Repeals outdated or no longer needed Town bylaws.
pdf Closing of Old Post Road (51 KB) Permanently closes a public street or portion of a street.
pdf Closing of Creighton Street (203 KB) Permanently closes a public street or portion of a street.
pdf Closing of Kaulbach Street (41 KB) Permanently closes a public street or portion of a street.
pdf Boundaries Bylaw (78 KB) Defines the Town’s boundaries.