Power Line Safety Information

Always maintain a minimum six-metre (20 feet) clearance from all power lines unless you have a Safe Clearance Report. Working around power lines can be dangerous.

How long is six metres?

6metres pickup

Before you work near power lines:

  • Contact the Town of Lunenburg Electric Utility at 902-634-4410, ext 227 a minimum of two weeks in advance of doing any work near power lines to request a Safe Clearance Report. This may require an insulated wire cover to be installed before you can begin work.  There may be a charge for this depending on the extent of the work required, particularly if primary wires are involved and/or a Power Line Technician is required to stand-by. 
  • Identify potential hazards before you begin.
  • Have a spotter to help you and remember: people on the ground are also in danger of being electrocuted if you come into contact with power lines. 
  • Be aware of power lines at all times, especially when loading or unloading. 
  • Ensure the maximum height of your load, including the knuckle boom, is under the legal height limit.
  • Power lines expand and sag with changes in temperature.  You need to check clearances each time you work near them. 
  • Be aware of overhead utility lines.  You could cut off phone service and cause power poles and lines to topple around you and your co-workers.
  • Ensure the dump box and boom body of the truck is down before you leave the site.