Back Harbour Trail

Connects to the Bay to Bay trail extension at Sawpit Rd and runs parallel to Highway 332 to Maple Avenue and Bay to Bay Trail. Also connects at the end of the back harbour to the Dog Park and Knot Pub.

Back Harbour Trail

Back Harbour Trail 2021

Back Harbour Trail 2021 2

Front Harbour Trail

Runs from the foot of Broad St and Falkland St along the waterfront to Bluenose Drive.

Front Harbout Trail



Victoria Street Playground

Victoria Street adjacent to Tennis Court

Victoria Street Playground

Lunenburg Academy Playground

Located behind Lunenburg Academy at 97 Kaulbach Street

Academy Playground 2

Townsend Street Playground

Located between Townsend and Cumberland Streets next to Town Hall and Bandstand

Townsend Street Playground

Labrador Park Playground

Medway Street (Behind Fire Hall and off of Front Harbour Trail.

250th Anniversary Park Playground