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Lunenburg County REMO

The Town of Lunenburg is a partner in the Lunenburg County Regional Emergency Management Organization (REMO). Through this partnership, local municipalities collaborate to provide a regional response to emergencies and share information with the public.

Emergency notifications and updates will be shared on the Town’s website, social media, and on CKBW 98.1FM and Country 100.7FM.

Check out the REMO website for information on local risks and risk mitigation, preparedness, local emergency response, and resources for your household. 

The Regional Emergency Management Bylaw is available here.

Preparing for an Emergency

Every emergency is different. Since we can’t anticipate the exact nature of an emergency, we all need to prepare for a range of emergency situations.

While the Town makes ongoing efforts to prepare for an emergency, residents must also make their own preparations. The first step is to think about the needs of your household or family - in particular, being prepared to shelter in place for 72 hours.

Our guide pdf Lunenburg Ready (425 KB)  will help you:

  • assemble an emergency supply kit;
  • plan for special needs; and
  • educate yourself about the Town’s plans for an emergency and how you can help by preparing yourself.

Remember to remain calm if an emergency is declared by the Town. Sometimes staying at home, even if the power goes out, is the safest and best strategy in an emergency, particularly if it is of short duration. Stay informed with a battery-operated radio, etc. and following any instructions from local emergency providers, e.g., RCMP, Fire, EMO Lunenburg.


Comfort Station

A Comfort Centre is a facility that is used for residents who are sheltering-in-place and remaining in their homes during an emergency but do not have full services such as electricity, heat, and water. Comfort centres are intended to provide: a place to go to get warm/cool; light refreshments; charge electronic devices; provide updates; community gathering point; and washroom facilities. Food is not provided.

When activated, the Town of Lunenburg's comfort station is located at the Lunenburg & District Fire Hall at 25 Medway Street. The shelter is not normally activated until after the worst of a storm has passed to keep people off the roads. When a shelter is open it will be publicized on the Town's social media and website.

Always be prepared to shelter-in-place for at least 72 hours.

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