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June 07, 2023

The Town has issued an Request for Proposals (RFP) to re-design our Civic Square.   The design will be compatible with the surrounding historic fabric and create a barrier-free, accessible and inclusionary public outdoor space for all to enjoy.

Civic Square is located within the Old Town World Heritage Site. It is a significant character-defining element within its Statement of Universal Value and National Historic Site Statement of Significance. Any development proposal must preserve Civic Square’s heritage value in line with these formal recognitions.

Public engagement is a key part of this process.  Three design proposals will be chosen by staff and then presented to the public for feedback before making a recommendation to Council.

Parks Canada, our liaison to UNESCO will also be notified of design proposals. Designs will not affect our UNESCO status.  Rules and regulations for designs are clearly stated in the RFP.


  • Restoration of the Bandstand, bringing the structure up to accessibility standards
  • Rehabilitation of all three monuments – the Cenotaph, LVFD Monument, and UNESCO Monument – bringing them up to accessibility standards
  • Rehabilitated Town Hall (119 Cumberland) entrances, bringing them up to accessibility standards while adhering to the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada
  • Improved access and pedestrian circulation throughout Civic Square
  • Hard and soft landscaping designs, including consistent ground surfaces, stairs, ramps, railings, and other elements towards creating a unified and accessible space

At least one (1) of the three (3) development schemes must include one of these options:

  • Siting for a new public building (design not included in this RFP)
  • An amphitheatre with a focus towards the Bandstand
  • A play structure – a playground
  • A Pride crosswalk
  • Parking, ideally underground parking.


  • Costs are as yet, unknown.  Cost estimates will accompany the design proposals and will be part of the information available during the public engagement process.  Council will then decide to award the tender and costs associated.
  • Funding for the development of the design came from the 2023 approved Capital Budget.
  • Funding for the actual development will, upon Council’s approval, will come from the 2024-25 Capital Budget.
  • We have much work to do within the Town of Lunenburg. This is a combination of operating and capital works. As we better understand the capital costs with associated planning RFP’s we’ll prioritize that work accordingly for Council approval through the budgetary process. The intent is to identify the ways and means of making Lunenburg more accessible in keeping with the provincial direction to make Nova Scotia fully accessible by 2030.  Creating an accessible civic square is one step closer to making this a reality.

To read the full version of the RFP, please visit:

June 13 Council Meeting

The next Council meeting is Tuesday, June 13 at 6pm. 

Meetings are held in person at Town Hall and livestreamed on Zoom.

The agenda package for this meeting is now available. 

Special Election: Aug. 12

The Town of Lunenburg is holding a special election on Aug. 12, 2023. This special election is being held to fill the vacancy of the Mayor’s position.

Click here for more information. 

May 30 Council Meeting Highlights

Council Highlights are published on the Town's website following each regular meeting. The most recent highlights are now available here

Public Works Notice

Work begins today on our Rapid Flashing Crosswalk Beacon Project. This work will be carried out at these four crosswalks:
Victoria and Brook
Victoria and Green
Falkland and Broad
Lincoln and Starr
Crosswalks can continue to be used while work is being completed. Road users and pedestrians should use caution when travelling through these areas of Town. Thank you for your cooperation as we improve pedestrian safety in these areas

Town of Lunenburg Approved 2023/24 Budget

May 9, 2023 -- Lunenburg Town Council unanimously approved the 2023/24 Town Budget at their May 9th Council Meeting.

The total Operating Budget is $9,902,620 and Water Operating Budget is $1,718,500. This represents an increase of 13.8% and 8.38% respectively.


  • There is no increase to the residential tax rate, which remains at $1.376 per $100/assessment.
  • The commercial tax rate remains unchanged at $3.358 per $100/assessment.
  • Lunenburg has increased the Low-Income Property Tax Relief income amounts which will allow more families to apply to help offset the cost of higher assessments.
  • The Mandatory Municipal Education Tax and the cost of RCMP services have both increased by 10.1%. Together, they account for 21.3% of the Town’s Operating Budget.
  • The Town will undertake an updated parking and traffic study that will incorporate a review of Active Transportation
  • Funds have been allocated in the amount of $50,000 to hire a consultant to undertake an Economic Impact Study/Analysis for the town, however, spending these funds is contingent upon receiving $50,000 worth of matching funds provided by non-town sources with at least $10,000 coming from every partner of the study.
  • Funding has been allocated for the Blockhouse Hill Development Proposal that will include a residential concept proposal for development of the land.
  • A primary Recreation Plan will be undertaken this fiscal year to evaluate the recreational services and facilities located in the Town of Lunenburg.
  • Sewer rates have increased by 7.5% which is the NS CPI for 2022. These funds pay for operating the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Distribution system, including debt payments and reserve transfers.

The 2023/24 Town Budget is publicly available for download at the Town website:

For more information, please contact:

Jamie Doyle, CAO

Town of Lunenburg

902-634-4410, ext. 228