Nova Scotia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 1993 (a.k.a. "FOIPOP")

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner:

Access to Records

Send your "FOIPOP" request to the attention of Jamie Doyle, Chief Administrative Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via mail to Town of Lunenburg, 119 Cumberland Street, PO Box 129, Lunenburg, NS, B0J 2C0.

Excerpted from FOIPOP Act: Section 6 "Procedure for obtaining access"

6. (1) A person may obtain access to a record by:

(a) Making a request in writing to the public body that has the custody or control of the record;
(b) Specifying the subject matter of the record requested with specific particulars to enable an individual familiar with the subject matter to identify the record; and
(c) Paying any fees required pursuant to Section 11.

Excerpted from FOIPOP Act: Section 11 "Fees"

11 (2) The head of a public body may require an applicant who makes a request pursuant to Section 6 to pay to the public body fees for the following services:

(a) locating, retrieving and producing the record;
(b) preparing the record for disclosure;
(c) shipping and handling the record;
(d) providing a copy of the record

11 (3) An applicant is not required pursuant to subsection (2) to pay a fee for the first two hours spent locating and retrieving a record.

The head of the public body shall give the applicant an estimate of the total fee before providing the services.