Notice re Parking in Lunenburg

As we go into one of the last weekends of Lunenburg’s busy summer season, the Town would like to ask everyone to exercise caution and patience with maneuvering cars on our streets and hills.

Lunenburg’s town grid was designed in 1753 and not for vehicles. The Town is only 4km2. There is ample parking a little further away than your destination; drop off points for passengers with mobility issues are advised before seeking parking. See the parking map here:

Parking meters are enforced. Please use them and respect the time limits. Parking within 5m of crosswalks and 7.5m of street intersections is not permitted and can also result in a ticket. As noted above, there are parking lots and non-metered parking in streets away from the shopping district.

TO REPORT A PARKING VIOLATION (your driveway is blocked, vehicles in non-parking spaces, etc.) PLEASE CONTACT THE LILYDALE RCMP non-emergency number at 902-634-8674 and explain the issue. Vehicles can be ticketed and towed.

Please be considerate of others and we can all enjoy our time in Town. Thank you.