Town Council was invited this morning to visit Mi'kmaq Elder Todd Labrador at the Lunenburg School of the Arts, to try their hands at helping to build a traditional birch bark canoe. Elder Todd has been working on the canoe since September 7th with the assistance of his daughter Melissa and family.

Elder Todd is a knowledge holder and internationally-known artisan. He is currently the only practicing Mi’kmaw builder of birch bark canoes and is recognized for this rare skill. Craftsmanship goes back many generations in the Labrador family - his great-grandfather Joe Jeremy even made the sturdy oak hoops that held the sails of the original Bluenose to the mast.

Elder Todd estimates that about 900 people have visited his canoe project at the School of the Arts. The build will continue another week or so, so if you haven't yet been, the public visitation hours are 11am - 3pm Monday to Friday at 6 Prince Street.

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Canoe 1

Canoe 2